SmartBioTech Ltd.
Russian biotechnological company, established in 2019
The company has been created by enterprising group of investors, entrepreneurs and scientists on the one part and Federal Unitary Enterprise - Chumakov Federal Scientific Center for Research and Development of Immune and Biological Products of Russian Academy of Sciences on the other part.
Main goal of the company establishment was defined as an intellectual product commercialization in the area of modern biotechnological products with an absolute priority of the guidance to the reliable and accurate scientific data, evidence-based medicine and good and proper practice.
Carrying on its activity SmartBioTech is proceeding from ethical principles and regulations stipulated in the documents of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Federal Service for Surveillance in the Healthcare and Council of Eurasian Economic Commission.
SmartBioTech Ltd.
Business lines
Development and manufacturing of vaccine formulations
The most actual infectious problems/agents are chosen
Technology and manufacturing optimization for vaccines and test systems
Development and manufacturing of test systems
Targeted to the most actual infectious problems/agents
Researches performing on vaccines
Constant improvement of the products informational array
Arrangement of the marketing system
And the widespread clinical usage
Wholesale trade
Vaccines and test systems
Transfer and multiplication of technology
Area of the biotechnological products manufacturing
The most actual infectious problems/agents are chosen